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Yes, it's true... "Pipstackers EA" is a Forex Robot that can always WIN with steady Gains for your account !

It's an UNBELIEVABLE  Mathematical Algorithm that Calculates & trades according to different market situation giving back profits everyday !!

  • &#8594 Our Robot always wins no matter wherever market goes
  • &#8594 Never worry of Fundamental News breakouts - Can trade high impact news such as FOMC,Nonfarm Payroll, Interest Rates etc.
  • &#8594 100% Unique Mathematical Algorithm for executing & managing trades
  • &#8594 Works On any Brokers - Even ECN Brokers
  • &#8594 Supports 4 digit and 5 digit

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Let's Get into more Details of Pipstackers EA

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Myfxbook Statistics :
PipstackersEA low risk gbpusd
PipstackersEA high risk gbpusd
PipstackersEA low risk eurusd
PipstackersEA high risk eurusd

Test EURUSD High Risk

pipstackers EA

Test EURUSD Low Risk
pipstackers EA

Test GBPUSD High Risk
pipstackers EA

Test GBPUSD Low Risk
pipstackers EA

Pipstackers EA is based on a mathematical system which is in a class all by itself. It does not depend on indicators, or candlestick patterns. And it is not trying to guess the direction the in which market is going to move. Instead, it is based upon a mathematical pattern. With the Pipstackers EA you will understand how it is trading and how it can win back every losing positions too with ease. And the result will be confidence - unlike the confidence that you have had in any of the other EA's out there. "The truth shall set you free". This knowledge is empowering. You will never imagine what Mathematical Algorithms can do with this unpredictable markets.

The Pipstackers EA can trade any pair, but we recommend the EUR/USD or GBP/USD as best pairs, and 5 min time frame. When you trade with the Pipstackers EA, you will want to use a broker that offers at least 500:1 - 1000:1 leverage, and offers 0.01 micro or cent lots. Pipstackers EA is pretty simple to set up, you should keep your Metatrader4 trading platform ON all the time without disconnections or power failure (or Use VPS), even if you are away or asleep, to let the Expert Advisor work properly! Pipstackers EA will do all the work for you to bring you excellent profit! All you need to do is setup the automated trading robot and let it trade on your account to surprise you with steady profits!!!


Minimum Requirements

  • &#8594 Operating System : Windows 2003, XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Mac
  • &#8594 Mt4 of your Broker
  • &#8594 Account Type : Standard, ECN or Cents account
  • &#8594 24x7 Internet with MT4 ( Or VPS Recommended )

Have you Heard that all EA's Lose Money ??

Well answer is just simple - Any EA can win if Risk is controlled !!

Forex Robot

Yeah, you heard right. Any EA can win if you control risk. Pipstackers EA is totally odd Forex Robot that's pure mathematical. It can win 80% of it's trades .. & win back profits for losing trades using it's mathematical algorithm. We are not here to guarantee you thousands of unrealistic monthly gains for your account. But we're here to assure your account safety with reasonable equity gains. Yes, Our Robot manage to bring you 10-20% account gain with ease. Ofcourse with minimum drawdown as less than 10%.  You can also increase risk factor if you're demanding for more gains manually.

If you're worried about manual trading our robot is best choice for you. It won't get tired and trade all day to squeeze market profits to your account. Just allow our Robot on your chart, stay relaxed all day. Check back to see profits later in your account. You'll be amazed to see your daily statements!

Watch in HD 720P

What Makes Pipstackers EA odd from Other Robots ?

  • &#8594 It's working on Pure Mathematical Algorithm
  • &#8594 Don't Use any stock or custom indicators to trade
  • &#8594 Wins Back losing positions in a matter of time using Unique Algorithm
  • &#8594 Uses Dynamic Take Profit, Brokers can't hunt your stops ever !
  • &#8594 Can trade on any accounts, Start as low as 500$
  • &#8594 No need to stop EA during news days, it can profit on any news - even FOMC & Nonfarm Payroll !
  • &#8594 Steady Profits for your account

What you'll get with Pipstackers EA ?

  • &#8594 1 Live License & 1 Demo License with lifetime validity
  • &#8594 Full Setup Guide pdf
  • &#8594 Free Online Assistance for installation 24x7
  • &#8594 Free Future Upgrades
  • &#8594 Free Lifetime Support

How can you BUY Pipstackers EA?

We're giving out our forex robot for lowest possible price as a part of promotion. Yes, You can get this full EA package for just 99 $ only !!!
EA will be delivered with license within 1hr after successful payment. When used as per our recommended settings, we give unconditional Money Back Guarantee if you lose your money!!

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  1. Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. Unbelivable. He gave me 3 licences on different broker all are going up. Tnx bro. Im thinking about luxary house :)

  2. bend over and kiss it goodbye

  3. Dear Pankaj,
    I want my refund!
    I'm waiting since mar/28 for it.

  4. Kann ich den EA auch mit 0,1 Lot Handeln ?
    Can I use the EA with 0.1 lot trading?
    Meine e-mail: manfred.mika@gmail.com
    Danke für eine Antwort !